What Horses Reveal - Book

From First Meeting to Friend for Life

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling has developed a unique system for classifying all horse types into the 26 character groups, which, when used in conjunction with the correct body language and self knowledge, will take every horse and rider towards more fulfilling and happier relationships, and a more enlightened journey through life.
The four principle sections of the book include:
  • Learning how to recognise a horses true nature
  • The 26 character groups: How horses reveal themselves
  • The first encounter with a horse
  • The correct training methods with the specific character group

207 pp · 195mm x 270mm (Paperback) · ISBN 978-1-90880-912-4 ·  Price AU$ 39.95

Publication: July 2013


Watch 5 video clips giving a short overview of the content of this book.

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